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Cemitério da Recoleta

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If you think of cemeteries as depressingly dark, underground affairs, Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery will turn that on its head. Considered the second most beautifuls cementery in the world (after the Pere Lechaise in Paris), the site was declared the city’s first official public burial place in 1822. Aside from being the resting place of the deceased, it is completely unlike a normal cemetery. The place is full of elaborately carved scroll-work and stately pillars that only reach up to your shoulder because all the structures are weirdly mini; it’s more magical than macabre. The burial site of Argentina’s most famous figures, including Evita herself.
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December 29, 2017
Cementerio histórico
December 29, 2015
Um dos cemitérios mais visitados do mundo, ganhou fama devido ao luxo das lápides e da ostentação dos túmulos. Lá estão sepultadas várias personalidades, como Evita Perón.
December 12, 2014
Cementerio Histórico
February 18, 2014
Historic cemetery Cementerio histórico
November 08, 2019
One of the most known places in BA. Around it you will find not only parks and the Art museum but also a lot of Food places and cultural activities.

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1760 Junín
Recoleta, CABA C1113
Telefone+54 11 4803-1594
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