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Zadar: aluguel e conserto de carros

Monumento / ponto turístico
“The Sea Organ ("Morske orgulje") in Zadar is a unique architectural achievement, an interesting and original blend of architecture and music. Unlike ordinary organs powered by bubbles or air pumps, the sound of these organs comes under the influence of sea energy and waves. They are located in the west part of the Zadar coast near the Pozdrav Suncu. You can sit there for free and listen to the sea melody.”
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“One of the most important examples of Byzantine architecture found in Dalmatia, Zadar's Church of St. Donatus is one of the city's top historic attractions. Dating back to the 9th-century, it was originally named the Church of the Holy Trinity but later re-named after Bishop Donat. While exploring this architectural marvel, note that it is famed for its unique circular form flanked by three circular apses. Built on top of the old Roman forum, the building incorporates many elements of the original structure, including two of the supporting pillars.”
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Restaurante Italiano
“The emphasis here is "homemade" and with quality products from the local Zadar region on hand. Open from 12:00-23:00. Price range from 10€-20€.”
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Loja de presentes
“Best shopping mall in North Dalmatia! It has a lot of stores and franchises, even Croatian franchise Mlinar where you can buy Croatian food. There are also top fashion brands, McDonald's etc. You can also buy bubble tea here!”
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“In the splendid 19th-century Cosmacendi Palace near Zadar's waterfront, the excellent Museum of Ancient Glass is home to one of Europe's largest collections of antique glass artifacts. Among its many highlights are numerous rare Roman jars, goblets, and vials found during decades of archaeological digs in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. ”
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“One of the most popular night clubs in the Zadar. It is located in the old park, has indoor and outdoor units. ”
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Restaurante europeu moderno
“Great staff, amazing ambient and superb food and drinks, often enriched by live music. ”
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Restaurante mediterrâneo
“It is cca 15 minutes away from our property by walk. It is one of the well known restaurants in Zadar. The portions are big and food is delicious. Especially good for grill enthusiasts! It is good to book the table in advance because it is usually fully booked in the lunch/dinner time. ”
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Monumento / ponto turístico
“You've seen dozens of wonderful sunsets in movies but too beautiful to be true. Well in Zadar, beautiful romantic sunsets, are real! Alfred Hitchcock also said that Zadar sunsets were the most beautiful in the world and he was right. The sky takes an orange-pink colour, the sun is huge and it dips gently into the sea and offers an unforgettable and amazing show.”
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“Nice little mall with a farmer's market in the morning and deli shops, as well as well-supplied drugstores and a cinema”
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“A bit pricy Lounge/Bar but you get what you pay. Mostly visited by the tourists!”
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Bar de Coquetéis
“My favorite place to have a coffee in the morning or in the afternoon. Magnificent view and feeling. In the evening it is suitable for a bit heavier drinks like cocktails etc. ”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“Foša is specialized fish and sea food restaurant. Guests could enyoj of sea air also heritage ambient is wonderful.”
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“Excellent food with great prices. Their menu has a big variety of food so you can choose quickly. It;s nice place to go out for lunch or dinner with your family as well with your friends. If you are in Zadar this is a restaurant for you. Enjoy!!! ”
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“Cuisine could be described as; traditional, simple, local jet appreciating new trends emphasizing seasonal offer and, as much as possible, extensive usage of organic, ecological or bio products or groceries.”
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Farmers Market
“Fresh food market: fruits and veggies, meat and fish, most of products from the villages nearby, so many colours and smells, enjoy!”
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