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Coisas para fazer em Taipei

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

Estação de metrô
“The Taipei Arena is not only for sporting events and various performances at the main hall, but also provides the ice skating rink at the Subsidiary Arena (the Ice Land).”
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Loja de eletrônicos
“the Digital Plaza is a complex of several multi stories building hosting shops for all sort of electronics. The whole neighbourhood is dedicated to the same merchandise, you can also find some second hand. Because the area attracts many visitors, there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls.”
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Paisagem incrível
“臺灣臺北市信義區的摩天大樓,樓高509.2米(1,671英尺),地上樓層共有101層、另有地下5層,目前為世界第八高樓以及地震帶最高摩天大廈是台北著名地標。85樓有景觀餐廳樓層,分別為頂鮮101美食美景餐廳(87-86樓)、欣葉101食藝軒和隨意鳥地方(85樓) 就算不上觀景台,在餐廳也能遠眺整個台北市視覺享受還是挺好的!”
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Loja de departamento
“MITSUBISHI (Store 1) is one of the most popular Japanese department stores. The entire building sells men's and women's clothes and accessories, for sure it has a great food court at B1 and afternoon tea restaurants in the building. ”
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History Museum
“From Japanese colonial period until today. We can learn the local history and experience real hit spring.”
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Point of Interest
“Experience traditional Taiwanese culture by walking through the Daxi old street. Take a sip of coffee in old time fashion while visiting some old houses and museums in the Japanese era”
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“A monumental mausoleum to the "Generalissimo". It houses several exhibitions on the life of Chiang Kai-Shek as well as temporary exhibitions. Through out the day, the honour guard performs a choreographed guard change ceremony, which attracts loads of tourists. In the huge site there is a nice park, a monumental gate, the National Concert Hall and the National Theater, all build in iconic Chinese architecture.”
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“Right infront of the apartment. You can see many tourists queing daily from 5am. Soya milk n breakfast a must try!”
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“there is like a small museum tell the history abt this area and also have the hand-made designer's market”
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“This is the Harvard of Taiwan. By tradition, all school grounds are open to the public. You can walk and bike inside campus to soak up the atmosphere. There is even a farm belonging to the agricultural department inside campus with great view of Taipei 101”
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“An iconic nightclub placed within 5 minutes walk from the apartment. Opens on Wed, Fri and Sat. Late nights, good vibes and fun people.”
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“Undoubtedly the center of all things Taipei, Dongqu is the area along and just off of Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) between Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. ”
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Restaurante taiwanês
“You might think all Taiwanese braised pork rice taste the same. Well, why not give this a try! I recommend braised pork rice, braised tofu and thickened soup. Our trick to make thickened soup more delicious is adding a bit of black vinegar and white pepper, it's also very Taiwanese style. And yes, there is always a long line waiting for you. :P ”
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“Movie Theatre that runs the most popular hit movies and you can even get late night showings at around 2 or 3 in the morning. 電影院提供最新電影, 還有提供凌晨2-3點的場次, 適合超級夜貓. Movie Schedule: (場次時間) http://www.vscinemas.com.tw/visPrintShowTimes.aspx?cid=TP&visLang=1”
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“Joining the world's top brands, a spacious shopping environment, and friendly service, Breeze Center has become the benchmark for cutting edge fashion in Taipei's retail world. ”
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“The TWTC Nangang is another exhibition hall in Nangang, Taipei, which consists of two exhibition halls one over the other. 世貿中心南港展覽館是另外一個位於南港區的展覽中心,這面的展覽區域是一館的兩倍大。”
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