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Coisas para fazer em Taipei

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

“The famous 24-hrs bookstore. Just walk around the Ren-Ai circle, you can get there!!!”
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“Check, book and experience an in-depth local travel from https://www.hiddentaipei.org for Bangka , where is called the origin of the Taipei City”
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Night Market
“An enormous, famous night market. Filled with tiny stalls selling everything from classic Taiwanese food to falafel to clothes and bubble tea. Tiny, dense streets but worth seeing while in Taipei. ”
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“Love the matcha ice cream, dumplings, beef soup, vietnamies food, japanese food. You can find all kind of food here.”
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Casa de macarrão
“Another one of the popular beef noodle spots in Taipei. The broth is a bit lighter and I think there's also a clear broth? I can't remember. ”
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“a place to reconnect to nature - lots of hiking trail, and stunning view. If you time your visit - you can witness the cherry blossom as well - as good as it gets in Taiwan. So don't miss a change for some fresh air while traveling around! https://guidetotaipei.com/visit/yangmingshan-national-park-陽明山-yang-ming-shan-mountain”
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Loja de roupas
“You know you are in Asia with this market style fashion street. Great for those who love to stroll”
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Point of Interest
“It's one of the oldest districts in Taipei City. Dihua Street is the most popular grocery market for shopping Chinese New Year's goods. ”
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Point of Interest
“在進步熱鬧的市區裡,仍保留了一席老時代的回憶,除此之外,藉由文創商店的進駐跟現下流行的文青風,很多年輕人或是國外遊客都會來這裡走走,也為四四南村注入了年輕的活力。 In the increasingly lively urban area, memories of the old era are still preserved. In addition, with the presence of cultural and creative stores and the now-popular Wen Qing Feng, many young people or foreign tourists will come and walk here. It also injected youthful vitality into the 4th South Village.”
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Loja de departamento
“Literally facing our apartment building is Sogo 忠孝館 (ZhongXiao white building). On the B2 level of this Sogo branch is a Fresh Mart grocery store for all your needs. It has more Japanese range of products. 106台北市忠孝東路四段45號 http://www.sogo.com.tw/WebOffice/Index/04”
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Paisagem incrível
“One of tallest building in the world. Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss.”
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Museu de Arte
“The first museum in Taiwan built for contemporary art exhibitions. The architecture is a local interpretation of the Japanese Metabolist Movement.”
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“台北市指標性的廟宇,每天香火鼎盛,很值得去看看! One of the biggest temples in Taipei. Always full of people. It's a great place to feel the culture. ”
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“Has everything from Tissot watches, addias, Zara, food quart with all kinds of food and IMAX and 3D movie theater.”
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Restaurante de dumpling
“The best dumpling restaurant in whole Taiwan ( Super popular for everyone & tourists ) Some minutes walking from my condo......^______^......”
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“Nice small museum with cool contemporary exhibitions. The building itself is a historical site as well. The tickets are cheap, 50 NT/per person.”
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