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Coisas para fazer em Seattle

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

Restaurante Caribenho
“Cross the Fremont Bridge and just keep going on to "Upper Fremont" and find Paseo. It's just a tin shack that nobody knows about unless somebody told them, but on a warm summer evening it's easy to spot by the line out the door and down the street.”
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“Amazing baked goods that are one of a kind by an amazing chef. Sweet or savory, I have YET to find ANYTHING I have not liked. Chocolates are to die for and their savory Quiche and breakfast sandwiches are delicious. ”
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“Large forested park on a peninsula of Lake Washington, with lots of good trails to walk. Good picnic spot! Hard to reach by bus, 6 min drive.”
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“Best theater sound and visual wise in Seattle. Also has the best chocolate popcorn! They only show 1 movie so make sure it's one you want to see before heading over there.”
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Natural Feature
“One of my favorite spots in the city to go for a run or walk with our dog. Tons of space for a picnic if it's dry or just a view of how beautiful life in Seattle really is!”
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Theme Park Ride / Attraction
“Giant Ferris wheel offering climate-controlled gondolas & a bird's eye view of the city's landmarks.”
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Restaurante francês
“My "go to" place for affordable but still upscale french food. Wine is as cheap as $3.50 a glass. Very lively and comfortable place and they serve food every day until 1PM. ”
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“This is Seattle's historic neighborhood. Highlights include Greg Kucera and Treason Gallery, Magic Mouse Toys, the Underground Tour, Il Corvo Restaurant, Good Bar, Waterfall Park, Occidental Park...it's gritty but great!”
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Loja de cervejas
“This is like a grocery store that only sells beer. It's dog and kid friendly, so we go there a lot. There's usually a food truck outside, and the Taco Sotelo food truck parked next door. If you love beer, this is your place. ”
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College Classroom
“The UW has a beautiful campus well worth your visit while staying in Seattle. Check out Red Square , Suzzallo Library, and see the Cherry Blossoms in Spring when the campus is filled with people snapping shots of the beautiful blooms.”
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“One of the closer breweries to our apartment building is Fremont Brewing Company! If you have the time definitely take the time to check out not only the brewery but all of Fremont. ”
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“Fascinating museum with lots of good information on the history of Seattle and the industries that helped form it. ”
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“If you are interested in Architecture and books, take a look at the Central Library in Downtown Seattle. Theres a conveyer belt for returning books and perches to see different views. ”
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“Molly Moon's ice cream can't be ignored. Generous scoops and a line out the door, it is really popular. But also consider Frankie and Jo's vegan ice cream a couple blocks away. ”
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Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“ You can't beat the view is at this restaurant. It's a bit expensive but if you taken a happy hour it's perfect ”
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Farmers Market
“Every Sunday. Food, flowers, artisanal products abound. Our favorite featured vendor bakery is the Sea Wolf. Get the pretzel buns and make tiny sandwiches with cheese and jams found at the market. There is a shopping basket & bags left in the mudroom for market shopping.”
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