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“Dubbed the ‘Sydney of the Atlantic’, The Auditorio de Tenerife has become the island’s architectural icon, and is the most photographed view in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The brainchild of architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, the ambitious structure features a huge wave-like arch that appears to defy gravity. It becomes particularly impressive at night when it is lit with bright white light. Home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, it also has ballets, dance shows, musical, operas, comedy and gospel concerts. You can grab tickets for as little as €5.”
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“Located in the old Civil Hospital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is an unusual project that brings together under the same name the Museum of Natural Sciences of Tenerife, the Archaeological Museum of Tenerife and the Canary Institute of Bioanthropology - created in 1993 to investigate fields such as human paleobiology and paleopathology, forensic anthropology and genetics.”
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“great architecture, visit the the exhibitions and have a break at the cafeteria downstairs ”
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“This park is one of the most emblematic symbols of Santa Cruz. It’s the perfect place to start your day. Surrounded by nature, sculptures and the warm rays of sun peeking through the trees.”
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Toy / Game Store
“good shopping mall with a lot of variety, shop clothes are on the main floor, the upper floor has a lot of different restaurants, there's also a big supermarket at the lower floor and a cinema, video and a big area for playing video game machines, football table or billiards. (Av. Manuel Hermoso Rojas 16 / Mon-Sat 9:00-22:00h)”
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Administrative Area Level 4
“San Cristóbal de La Laguna (commonly known as La Laguna) is the second-most populous city of the island. La Laguna's historical center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The city was the ancient capital of the Canary Islands, and lies right alongside the Santa Cruz, thus the two cities form a single large urban center, linked by tram. The city is home to the University of La Laguna and is considered to be the cultural capital of the Canary Islands. In this city one finds the legendary house of the spectre of Catalina Lercaro, as well as the incorrupt body of Sor María de Jesús, and the Cristo de La Laguna. Another emblematic building of the city is the Cathedral.”
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“Unspoiled market with lots of Spanish spirit. It’s worth going for a walk to see this unique building filled with colourful stalls selling flowers, and excellent quality of its fresh produce foods.”
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Outros "Vida ao Ar Livre"
“An enjoyable and rewarding shopping spree in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the north-east of the island, begins in Calle del Castillo”
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“The Museum of Science and the Cosmos is not a traditional museum. It belongs to a generation of science museums whose purpose is not simply to show scientific and technical achievements.”
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Restaurante de Tapas
“Local food. Traditional canarian old house. Two meal services (12 am-4pm, 7:30 pm-23:30pm) but open. There are two main meal services (12 am-4pm, 7:30 pm-23:30pm) but open uninterrupted with tapas option. I prefer the afternoon service (ask for Yoya, one of the owners, you can also said that Ángel send you. She doesn´t speak english but she will be pleased to suggest some of the things that they have on the menu). After you can visit the area for a last drink before come back to the south.”
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Loja de departamento
“Big variety of high-quality products, therefore the prices can be a bit higher than other places”
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“The most popular place to go out at night. First have a meal, after drink and enjoy the night!!”
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“Here you have lots of big pools and one little beach. The price to enter to the pools is aboit 3 euros per person. Opens from 10 to 18 hrs.”
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“El corazón de Santa Cruz. También diseñado por Herzog y de Meuron. The heart of Santa Cruz. It was also designed by Herzog & de Meuron.”
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“Perfecto para realizar tus compras además de disponer de supermercado y de una renovada área de restauración en la Planta 7. Perfect place for shopping, it also has a supermarket and a renovated restaurant area on Floor 7.”
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“Great green place with a lot of thinks to see, rest and enjoy the nature. It is the beginning ot the Pilar Street (fashion comercial street)”
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