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Principais recomendações de moradores locais

De passeios turísticos a pérolas escondidas, descubra o que há de único na cidade com a ajuda dos moradores locais que a conhecem melhor.
Place to shop
“It is a long arcade with a length of about 900m and about 200 stores. It is a favorite place not only for tourists but also for Sapporo citizens. 長さ約900m、店舗数は約200軒の長いアーケードです。観光客はもちろん、札幌市民も大好きな場所です。”
  • 55 moradores locais recomendam
Beer Garden
“Sapporo beer museum, you can enjoy the beer history with pictures. About the sapporo beer garden, Original Genghis Khan is highly recommended! Whenever I go, I will order all-I-can-eat(Tabeho-dai!) with drinks ^^こちらではビールの歴史が勉強できます!ビール園のオリジナルジンギスカンはとてもお勧めです!私が行くときはいつも食べ放題です!”
  • 20 moradores locais recomendam
“You can enjoy various events there. Please relax in here! 色々なイベントが楽しめます!ゆっくりくつろぐには最高です。”
  • 65 moradores locais recomendam
“I recommend you to see elephants, white bears, and…monkeys! Monkeys are very funny as they act like a human XD You would watch them forever! ゾウとシロクマと猿はぜひ見てほしいです。人間みたいに動く猿がとっても面白いんです!ずーっと見てられる♪”
  • 22 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de Frutos do Mar
“If you wake up early in the morning, I recommend you to go to here. Many seafood and you can also buy them.朝早起きして、二条市場へ海鮮丼を食べに行くのはどうですか?新鮮な魚やウニなどがあります!”
  • 33 moradores locais recomendam
“You can't miss the real Sapporo ramen when you visit here! Try rich miso ramen!”
  • 25 moradores locais recomendam
Ski Area
“Take a lift up the hill! You will be able to see the hole city day and night! How about having ジンギスカン( lamb BBQ) , our soul food!”
  • 23 moradores locais recomendam
Paisagem incrível
“Sapporo TV tower! view from top of the tower is beautiful. 札幌テレビ塔は札幌のシンボルです。ぜひ登って360度の景色を見てください。”
  • 30 moradores locais recomendam
Sublocality Level 2
“四季を感じられる場所です! 貴方だけの特別、何が見つかるかな? It is a place where you can feel the four seasons! What is special about you, what can you find? 這是一個可以感受四季的地方! 你有什麼特別的,你能找到什麼?”
  • 28 moradores locais recomendam
“Big university in Sapporo; Hokkaido University. You can enjoy take a walk or sitting in the grass. 10 minutes by car or 30 minute by subway and walk!”
  • 25 moradores locais recomendam
Local Histórico
“You can take a photo with the Sapporo symbol Clock tower!札幌のシンボルの一つです!記念撮影にみなさんお越しになります。”
  • 28 moradores locais recomendam
Loja de roupas
“A huge shopping mall in Sapporo station! Try your new fashion / find good souvenir there! 札幌駅にある広いショッピングモール!おしゃれな服や雑貨、お土産選びにも。”
  • 15 moradores locais recomendam
“Shopping spot of Sapporo. It is on the first floor and contains a duty-free shop, in the basement there are a number of dining options. Rooftop has a Ferris wheel. 札幌のショッピングスポット。 1階には免税店が入っており、地下には飲食店が数多くあります。 屋上は観覧車があります。”
  • 20 moradores locais recomendam
Theme Park
“There are cure garden. The Shiroi Koibito is famous snack in Sapporo.札幌の有名なお菓子、白い恋人を作っている風景や、かわいらしい庭園で時間をすごしてみませんか?”
  • 20 moradores locais recomendam
Place of Worship
“Hokkaido Shrine, the tutelary shrine for Hokkaido, comes alive with visitors during flower viewing, festivals, and hatsumode (first shrine visit) Open: Summer season: 6: 00 ~ 17: 00 Winter season: 7: 00 ~ 16: 00”
  • 28 moradores locais recomendam

Experiências com avaliações excelentes

Os melhores restaurantes

“You can't miss the real Sapporo ramen when you visit here! Try rich miso ramen!”
  • 25 moradores locais recomendam
Praça de alimentação
“JR札幌駅前の商業施設「エスタ」10階レストラン街にある ラーメンフードテーマパークです。有名ラーメン店が 10件出店しています。 Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku is located in the food court on the 10th floor of ESTA shopping mall near Sapporo JR station. 10 famous Ramen shops are serving their original and tasty Ramen.”
  • 23 moradores locais recomendam
Japanese Curry Restaurant
“来札幌一定不能错过当地出名的汤咖喱。可以根据个人喜好选择咖喱的辣度。浓郁的咖喱汤底配上蔬菜浅炸后的独特香味,鸡块鲜嫩多汁。 You must not miss the local famous soup curry when you visit Sapporo.You can choose how spicy you want.The rich curry soup is accompanied by the unique aroma of the vegetables after the light fry.The chicken is also fresh and juicy.”
  • 9 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante de sushi
“It's a naice restaurant who serves good quality Sushi with very reasonable price. You can enjoy Sushi with variety of fish. Easy to access to the restaurant on foot. Highly recomended.”
  • 15 moradores locais recomendam
“KIRIN BEER-EN/4min by walk. "High-grade Wagyu:japanese beef, Genghis Khan:Mongolian mutton barbecue and Fresh crab:King crab/Hairy crab" and Of course, KIRIN BEER!”
  • 16 moradores locais recomendam
“A lot of seafood dish like Sashimi platter, Tempura and Seafood rice bowl. Have english menu. Fresh and good quality foods”
  • 6 moradores locais recomendam
“羊肉吃起来没有膻味,用炭火烧烤,把羊油挤出来了,再拌上洋葱和大葱,浓浓的烤肉香味四溢,再配上特殊的蘸汁和蒜泥,真是非常好吃。 The lamb has no smell of mutton.Squeeze out the lamb oil with charcoal grill,then mix onions and green onions.The lamb is very delicious, terrifically matched with special dipped in juice and garlic.”
  • 3 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante vietnamita
“ベトナム屋台をコンセプトにしたお財布にもやさしく とてもおいしいベトナム料理が味わえるこじんまりしたバーです。The cosy bar whose concept is inspired by Vietnamese local vendors. Authentic Vietnamese food with very reasonable price can be served. ”
  • 10 moradores locais recomendam

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