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Coisas para fazer em Liubliana

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

“It's a castle, a nice walk or a drive with the perpendicular. You can eat ice-cream, enjoy a good Slovene dinner or just climb the tower and watch over the city”
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“When you need a little time of and just be in the nature. You are there in 10 min.”
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“BTC City Ljubljana is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural centers in Europe. There are over 450 shops selling more than 10.000 brands.”
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“The squares' Prešeren Monument, designed by the architect Maks Fabiani and the sculptor Ivan Zajc, was unveiled in the autumn of 1905. It depicts the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren (1800-1849), and the muse of poetry holding a spring of laurel above his head. https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/things-to-do/sightseeing/presernov-trg-square/”
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Galeria de arte
“Metelkova mesto, an alternative culture centre that developed from a squat in a former army barracks and became one of the best known attractions of Ljubljana, brings together a variety of different artistic practices and events. It is home to a large number of clubs hosting a regular programme of concerts, club nights, and one-off club events featuring underground artists and DJs from around the world. The centre also hosts art performances, exhibitions, and an occasional festival. Running a vibrant daily programme of events, it draws together people on any night of the week. The crowd is mixed, including anyone from students and underground music fans to visitors to Ljubljana and professio”
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Restaurante do Leste Europeu
“This is a restaurant of national Slovenian cuisine. Here you can taste real old food. But, be careful, these are very large portions and very calorie dishes! This place is very touristy, always in the evening a lot of people. It is not my favorite. But if you want to try something interesting and dive back into history - you should definitely look here!”
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Encontro de comida de rua
“Open on Fridays (by nice weather) on the central market, Open Kitchen has stalls with all kinds of food provided by Ljubljana restaurants, bistros etc. Lively atmosphere and a great opportunity to see what the food offers of Ljubljana in one place. Open until late in the evening ”
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“Spanning the Ljubljanica in the very heart of the city, the infamous Dragon Bridge is an Art Nouveau/Vienna Secession masterpiece dating from 1901. Named for four obvious reasons in the guise of mighty dragon statues at each corner, the structure is a superb example of an early reinforced concrete bridge and as such is exciting for both lovers of art and of architecture. The triple-hinged arch bridge, which measures just over 33m in length, was designed by the Italian engineer and architect Giorgio Zaninovich (Jurij Zaninović, 1876–1946), and features a further 16 smaller dragon statues which together help its reputation as one of the most photographed structures in Ljubljana. Not surprisingly, the Dragon Bridge is the recipient of many legends, the most charming of them all in our opinion being that when a virgin crosses, the dragons wag their tails.”
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“This zoo keeps approximately 500 animals. Some special activities for children and families are available. Tickets: €8 for adults, €7 for students and pensioners, €5.50 for preschoolers and primary pupils, €2 for people with special needs; free for children below the age of 2 Open every day (except holidays) at least 9am-4pm, May-August until 7pm. Map of the zoo: http://www.zoo.si/images/map_zoo_large.jpg Information: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/things-to-do/entertainment/ljubljana-zoo/”
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“This club offers a selection of dance hits, r & b, hip hop, house, electronic music, pop and rock music. They regularly host high-profile VIP, fashion, music, film and media events, Here zou can also meet some of the most popular Slovenian DJs and other artists.”
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“Lovely area for having a breakfast in the morning or dinner at the evening.”
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“Metelkova mesto, an alternative culture centre that developed from a squat in a former army barracks and became one of the best known attractions of Ljubljana, brings together a variety of different artistic practices and events.”
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“what locals enjoy on sunny days. crowded during the weekends, but that's part of the fun. ”
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“Amazing view over the city. No need to get a drink to experience it. But they have nice cocktails. ”
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“This main city market, just a 5 minute walk from the city center offers everything you need , it has all Slovenian and bio produced food, everything your hearth desires.”
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Bus Station
“Buses drives from Ljubljana to Stična several times a day- bus station is at the corner of our house”
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