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De passeios turísticos a pérolas escondidas, descubra o que há de único na cidade com a ajuda dos moradores locais que a conhecem melhor.
“The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by a wall and hosts sacred sites such as the Western Wall, the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Fourth Century Tomb Church. In the shops and booths of the market alleys you can buy a variety of prayer shawls, rosaries and ceramics and in the various food stalls you can enjoy falafel, kebab in pita, cannabis and fresh juices. The medieval fortress houses the Tower of David Museum, which records the city's history.”
  • 108 moradores locais recomendam
Museu de Arte
“The Israel Museum is a museum with many changing exhibits. Highly recommend. The museum is modern and very large, there is much to see and you shouldn't miss the opportunity!”
  • 75 moradores locais recomendam
“Known as "The Shuk", Mahane Yehuda Market is a must-see for tourists. Easy access by public transportation, this bustling market is where everything happens. A fruit and vegetable market by day, and gourmet street food and hipster bars by night.”
  • 131 moradores locais recomendam
“Grass field that hosts concerts and events from time to time. Has a basketball court, a skatepark, a soccer field, and a cafe. Also has an outdoor gym for you to exercise with for free. ”
  • 64 moradores locais recomendam
Place of worship
“An ancient historical wall known as the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people.”
  • 69 moradores locais recomendam
“place with a lot of restaurant and small fun fair for children. you can also rent bikes and segways. highly recommended for families”
  • 70 moradores locais recomendam
“Situated between the city center and the Old City, Mamilla Alrov Avenue is a pedestrian mall that offers a selection of luxury shops, as well as upscale restaurants and cafes. Mamilla is known for its chic and tasteful European feel, and offers spectacular views of the Old City walls.”
  • 49 moradores locais recomendam
“The market can be very crowded and full of tourists. At night many bars open there.”
  • 63 moradores locais recomendam
“Mamilla Mall is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the country, known for its stunning design and high-end shops, restaurants with incredible views and pampering hotels. Home to the shops and galleries of world-class artist and designer Avi Luvaton, there may be no better place in the country to buy one-of-a-kind jewelry, Judaica and Jewish art. While Mamilla certainly wouldn’t be out of place in upscale districts of London or Paris, it still maintains a uniquely Jerusalem atmosphere that you simply must experience.”
  • 37 moradores locais recomendam
History Museum
“Yad Vashem is Israel’s living memorial to the millions murdered in the Holocaust. The exhibits include authentic film footage, videos of personal interviews with survivors, historical documents, artifacts, personal items, memorial structures, gardens and commemorative installations. Reach via busses: 74,75,78 to Jaffa center, switch to Tram to Hertzel Mount”
  • 33 moradores locais recomendam
“It's a nice place to take your friends and talk and enjoy time together. Closed one Shabbat \ Kosher Restaurant”
  • 24 moradores locais recomendam
“One of the must-visits in Jerusalem. Tons of shops, bars, restaurants and cafés within the market and nearby streets. There are also live music some evenings, although I would recommend that you visit during the day when all shops are open.”
  • 43 moradores locais recomendam
Sala de cinema independente
“shows old & new movies, international & israrlis movies. has also great resorant Asia”
  • 32 moradores locais recomendam
“this is a very hard to find "secret" cocktail bar... great vibe and nice people. not very expensive.”
  • 24 moradores locais recomendam
“The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is Jerusalem's holiest site for Christian pilgrims, and is said to have been built on the site where Jesus was crucified.”
  • 22 moradores locais recomendam
Local Government Office
“The Israeli Parliament! Free tours on Sundays and Thursdays in various of languages. ”
  • 23 moradores locais recomendam

Os melhores restaurantes

“It's a nice place to take your friends and talk and enjoy time together. Closed one Shabbat \ Kosher Restaurant”
  • 24 moradores locais recomendam
“The Mehniuda Restaurant is a Mediterranean and seasonal market restaurant in the Mahane Yehuda market, where three Jerusalem chefs who also own the place are collaborating: Asaf Granit, Yossi Elad and Uri Navon. The special collaboration of three richly-renowned chefs intensifies the culinary creation, each expressing its own style in the restaurant, creating both a complex and straightforward Jerusalem cuisine - meticulous, accurate, direct and not sophisticated. In each serving, one chef leads the tone in the kitchen, and the others line up and function as regular cooks. There you will find a variety of dishes under Israeli and Mediterranean influences.”
  • 25 moradores locais recomendam
Restaurante do Oriente Médio
“Azura. HaEshkol st. 4 – Mahne Yehuda Market. Vegan/Vegetarian/Meat eater Finally, Israeli food! Although they have bumped up the prices over the past few years. This Family runned, traditional Israeli food restaurant is delicious. We recommend touring the market during your visit.”
  • 26 moradores locais recomendam
“one of the best restaurants\cafe in the area! The emmental cheese sandwich is gooood! ”
  • 23 moradores locais recomendam
“Rivaled only, and only perhaps, by Pi Squared, this is probably the best pizza in town, and for a good price. Add. to that a funky atmosphere and you are in for a treat. They have another place in Azza street as well.”
  • 13 moradores locais recomendam
“Special an tasty dishes! bit expensive but worth it! eastern music played loudly and pleasant atmosphere.”
  • 12 moradores locais recomendam
“ The cocept of the place is awsome! Everthing comes baked in Syrian pastary. so simple so good! Great Isreali beer!”
  • 14 moradores locais recomendam
Sala de cinema independente
“Smadar Cinema is one of the oldests in Jerusalem. Right in the heart of the beautiful neighbourhood of Baka ( allow yourself to get lost in the coolness of the streets). They screen quality films and the restaurant serves realy good food all day. This place is a real shelter from the city. To get there take bus 34 right next to me ( take a right when you go out of the building and then right again the bus stop is 2 minutes down the road) 11 stops will get you to Emek Rephaim (Hatzfira stop) and then ask anyone it's really near”
  • 15 moradores locais recomendam

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