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Dubrovnik: passeios turísticos

History Museum
“The Palace of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik was built as the seat of the government and the apartment of the prince, the most political function in the Dubrovnik Republic. The mayor was elected for a term of one month, and at that time he was head of the Little Council. In Prince's Palace, the prince had his office and apartment where he stayed during his term, separated from his family. At that time he could not leave the court except for state and protocol reasons. Overnight, he would keep the keys from the city that he returned to the people at the protocol ceremony. In the area of the Rector's Palace there are halls of the Grand and Small Councils, the state office, the courtroom, the prison, the armory and the barutan. At the entrance is the Latin inscription Obliti privatorum publica curate ("Forget private and worry for the public")”
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Praça de Pedestres
“Old city is place were you can enjoy many museums, concerts, art galleries, book tours, restaurants with beautiful views, visit city walls, etc...”
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Local Histórico
“Fort Lovrijenac will turn you back in time - 14th century (fort of St.Lawrence). "Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro" is carved in stone above the gate and means "Liberty is not for sale for any treasures". On the top of this fort was most famous , the largest and most powerfull cannon in Dubrovnik called "Lizard" - made of bronze in year 1537. (Dubrovnik has in 16th ct. 251 cannons), Lovrijenac was defended with 10 large cannons . This fort is called : Gibraltar of Dubrovnik, also game of thrones filming-blackwater bay”
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Tourist Information Center
“You can get "Dubrovnik Card" discounted pass ,guided tours and all necessary information. ”
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Praça de Pedestres
“Stradun, or as locals call it “Placa”, is a limestone-paved main street in Dubrovnik which runs through the most beautiful and historic part of Dubrovnik, Old Town, which is surrounded by the walls of Dubrovnik. It formerly served as a channel which parted the Ragusa Republic from the forest settlement of Dubrava, and now it is a favourite place to all the visitors of Dubrovnik. ”
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“Dubrovnik in the old days had big problems with water because the summers are long and dry. They had boats that supplied the city with water because the wells were insufficient and then at the beginning of the 15th Century made a great step. The Senate decided to bring water into the city from a spring 12 kilometres away from the city walls. Water is going around Srdj hill. At the large fountain, built in 1438, water pours out from 16 spouts. It was wealthily decorated when built. In the great earthquake of 1667 it was very badly damaged and so today's appearance is noticably more humble than that of 500 years years ago. It was once again damaged during the Homeland War by two grenades”
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Local Histórico
“Sea kayaking around Dubrovnik waters visiting island of Lokrum. http://www.notakayaking.hr/”
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Local Histórico
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