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Best things to do in Cusco

Point of Interest
“One block away from our house is the pedestrian entrance to this wonderful stone built fortress.”
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“Historical main square with the cathedral built on top of an old Inca palace.”
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Local Histórico
“Koricancha is the most impressive example of how Inca and Hispanic cultures fused together. The remains of the ancient Peruvians' Sun Temple were used as foundations on which the Santo Domingo church and convent was built. The temple is a symbol of Western dominance. The site is a living example of the co-existence of Peru's past with European architecture. The temple was built with finely carved stones. Inside the temple, the walls in the many chambers are covered by gold and silver leaf. The incredible size of the stones in the Inca walls, three of which have over 30 angles, are sure to capture all the attention. Also outstanding is a block that has 24 angles and 6 sides. The great Inca turret dominates the site and highlights one of the ceremonial niches with holes in low relief, which was related to the winter solstice. In the lower part of the temple, there are fountains and gardens where conquered tribes arrived to deliver their offerings. The inner sanctum of the temple was reserved for the highest authorities of the epoch, and attracted people from communities all over the Empire who wanted to worship and pay tribute to the Tahuantinsuyo gods.”
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“Best pisco sour in town (You should try Pisco Sour) All their cocktail and drinks in general are sooooo good!”
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“If you are for longer in Cusco and need to buy something more detailed or just go to the cinema or you are missing the fast food you can visit Real Plaza, it has many stores of international and local chains.”
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Farmers Market
“a traditional market, with more than 100 years of existence, a typical place where you will find vegetables, cold meat, lunch, flowers and traditional clothing ”
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Beer Garden
“Excellent place, super comfortable with the best view of Cusco. INFALTABLE go through here in your visit to Cusco! Excellent food and drinks in a super atmosphere”
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“Traditional cusquenian food. Live shows. Share a dish, they are huge. (you can get a good guinean pig there) ”
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Night Club
“Dance? this is a traditional cusquenian disco. Many kinds of music and people from all over the worl. Live music everyday. ”
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“ The museum has a collection of keros, textiles, mummies, tools, weapons and goldsmiths. It chronologically covers the history of Cusco from its beginnings to the twentieth century. The property of the museum is in charge of the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco”
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Espaço de apresentações artísticas
“Lo mejor de las danzas de la ciudad, disfrutara de la cultura y tradicion del folklore peruano cusqueño y regional.”
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“For Vegans or those that are looking for some vegetables! A good selection of plates and a reasonable price.”
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“This is the best place for pizzas in Cusco ! They deliver pizzas to our house, if you need help ordering your pizza please let us know !”
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“This restaurant has a good selection of peruvian food and drinks, it has a nice decor, go there for lunch, at night the food might be a little heavy for your stomach !”
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“Jack's Café is a great place to have breakfast, the portions are big and delicious.”
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“The stone of the twelve angles is a block of stone of the Inca culture that is part of a palace and located in Hatun Rumiyoc Street, in the city of Cuzco, Peru, popularly known for its great finish and bordered perfectionist,”
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