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Best things to do in Coeur d'Alene

“Tubbs Hill is a must see for first time visitors to Coeur d Alene. Park near the resort and head toward the boat launch for the trail entrance. Boasts gorgeous views of lake Coeur d’Alene all along the lower trail. Find a private beach to swim or take in the view. ”
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Restaurante de sushi
“Do you have a craving for sushi? Try our own local Syringa (named after the Idaho state flower). It's fresh, authentic and the wait staff is lively. This is a cozy spot and can fill up fast as word has gotten out that it is the place to be on a late night. Leave the kids at home, it is a small building and they may feel cooped up.”
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Loja Gourmet
“Local, organic market within walking distance to our Airbnb. Excellent selection of locally sourced goods as well as your favorite organic brands. ”
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“Fun atmosphere with nice out door area. Large selection of beers and ciders on tap.”
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Restaurante Americano
“Awesome pub fare with a flare for the out of the ordinary. Friendly staff who know how to please with top drawer service!”
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“The CDA Resort has several restaurants worth visiting with beautiful views of the lake. The floating boardwalk is a must for first time visitors! ”
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Lugar para tomar café da manhã
“Great breakfast menu. You will wait in line but it will be worth it. About 10 minute walk from cottage.”
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“High-quality food and service at an affordable price. Their menu is extensive: Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads. Highly recommend the Philly steak with cheesy garlic fries it's delicious!”
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“Right in the heart of downtown CDA, get some delicious pizza! *Hint: ask to see their secret menu.”
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Lugar para comer hambúrguer
“A famous walk-in piece of CDA history on the downtown strip. Straightforward hand formed beef patties on a bun with pickle. They still do not offer fries on their menu . . . just like 100 years ago. Counter bar only.”
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“Coolest park I have seen! Perfect for all ages, and just a stumble away from Tubbs hill and the library! Dog park is very close too.”
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“Conveniently located within walking distance. For movies and showtimes: https://www.regmovies.com/theaters/regal-riverstone-stadium-14/C00154210731”
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“Right across McEwen Park and our library, great coffee spot with homemade baked goods. ”
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“If you like loud music with a small dance floor and lots of people , this is the spot for you. Generous bartenders, good food and service.”
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“Great view. Dockside and Beverly’s are on-site. Walk downtown CDA and the Boardwalk on Lake CDA, the park, great for kids), and Tubbs Hill. ”
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History Museum
“A quick overview of all things Coeur d Alene and how this area was settled and has become the town it is today.”
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