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De passeios turísticos a pérolas escondidas, descubra o que há de único na cidade com a ajuda dos moradores locais que a conhecem melhor.

“The urban garden is a reminiscent of the ottoman culture in the landscape of Bucharest's nightlife. Hipsters, gather! ”
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Museu de Arte
“Founded in 2001, the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania (MNAC Bucharest) has grown into a lively institution, dedicated to exhibiting, researching, and promoting Romanian contemporary art. Located in a building with strong symbolic meaning, the Palace of the Parliament – known in the 1980s as the People’s House, MNAC Bucharest has the largest space dedicated to contemporary art from Romania, where it produces shows of relevant local and international artists, while valorizing its own collections in a holistic approach of visual culture. Being the heir of several institutions from the mid 20th century, MNAC has a patrimony of over thirty thousand works of art, documentary files, photographs and negatives, subject to continuous research, organisation and public exposure.”
  • 36 moradores locais recomendam
Romanian Restaurant
“Great place to eat, right in the heart of the old city center. This is a very old inn where people have been eating since the 1800s. They usually have traditional folk singing and dancing. I would definitely recommend going! ”
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History Museum
“Is a place that give you the chance to visit all parts of the country, is a cultural and arhitectural experience. ”
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“It also has a various repertoire of musical and opera plays that don't require knowledge of Romanian language.”
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“Beautiful royal domain with a great Lake view and huge oak trees, a palace in the Romanian architectural style of Brancoveanu and a pretty coffee shop. Sometimes they organize classical music concerts in the palace or garden (definitely recommend them)”
  • 9 moradores locais recomendam
“For biking - you can rent for 2 euro/1 hour a bike. For jogging around the lake. For picnic at the lake. For a lot of diverse festivals. For kids playgrounds. There is the biggest playgorund for kids from Romania. ”
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“It is the nearest shopping center. You will find a lot of useful stuff, besides clothing stores: exchange offices, banks, travel agencies, tailoring, laudry, beauty salon, car washing, fitness, e-charge for electric cars, taxi station, playground, promenade terrace, food area.”
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“The oldest boulevard in Bucharest, named before Podul Mogosoaiei. You can admire the architecture, the old city spirit.”
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“The music selection is very nice, patio comes with air-conditioner, food is awesome and after midnight they serve some really delicious pizza!”
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“Great food and great drinks in a very cool area right now. You have to get the french fries. They are like your mummy used to cock it. :)”
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“One of the youngest park of Bucharest, good views, reasonably priced food stands which also sell beer, good for a quick visit before Parliament Palace. The land where is now Izvor Park have a tumultuous history, being destined by Ceausescu to another purpose. Here it was a demolition of a monastery and many houses, including an old palace, the Palace of State Archives. Ceausescu wanted to have here a Conference Room and Receptions, being very close to the People Palace - now the Parliament Palace. After the Revolution from 1989, after many purposes for this land, the General Town Hall of Bucharest decided to use this land for Izvor Park.”
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“Very nice and calming view of Bucharest biggest lake in the middle of the park.”
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“A shopping center right in the heart of the city. International brands of clothing and accessories.”
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“A cozy chic pub with a relaxed bohemian vibe, good food, big portions and fair prices. Possible reservation required ahead!”
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“I Kid you NOT! This is the best coffee you will ever drink. Strada Lipscani nr 9, Sector 5, Bucuresti; Cod poștal 050071”
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