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Coisas para fazer em Boulder

Descubra a cidade de acordo com seus moradores. Encontre as melhores coisas para fazer, lugares para comer e receba conselhos valiosos das pessoas que vivem aqui.

Praça de Pedestres
“The iconic Boulder outdoor shopping area. Walk the mall, take in a funky busker act, sip and eat at a local restaurant.”
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“A vast network of trails leave from the Chautauqua Trailhead and head right up into the Flatirons. The friendly folks at the on-site Ranger Cottage can recommend a hike at your level, plus provide brochures on wildflowers, wildlife and more.”
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Casas de chá
“One of Boulder’s most attractive and popular tourist attractions, as well as being a local favorite for tea, and atmosphere. Completely built by hand without the use of any power tools, the Teahouse was constructed in Dushanbe, Tajikistan as a gift to their sister city, Boulder. It was disassembled, crated up, and sent halfway around the world to be rebuilt in Boulder as a symbol of friendship ”
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“The food here is sublime! Fresh, organic and farm-to-table. Reservation recommended. ”
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“Nice local brewery--the college and grunge crowd. Worthy to visit if you like microbrew! Cool art abounds, and it's okay to hang out and play the games they have on a shelf there.”
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“A great microbrewery that also has an excellent restaurant. Very nice on a summer day to sit outside. ”
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Lugar para tomar café da manhã
“One of the best and most popular breakfast places on Pearl St (and in Boulder in general). Go early (9am or earlier) or be prepared for a loooong wait. ”
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Restaurante mediterrâneo
“Mediterranean Regional Food and great for groups! There is something for everyone!”
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Casa de Shows
“Art deco institution since 1906 for various music shows/concerts & avant-garde films.”
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“Excellent coffee, tea and warm beverages in a spacious, cozy, eclectic atmosphere- and they have live music on select days and times too! Check out their website for more info. ”
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Farmers Market
“The Boulder Farmers Market is pretty epic. Lots and lots of fresh local fruits, veggies, meats and baked goods. A large selection of breakfast and lunch food options- and sometimes live music too. Every Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon May-Nov. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Organic local Boutique Supermarket, next to Restaurants where locals go.Authentic Boulder, no tourists.”
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“Great views at the top! Be aware this is a moderately challenging trail. You are walking uphill the entire way up, but it's definitely worth the beauty. ”
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“Very affordable happy hour for high-quality pizza and other Italian treats, everyday from 3:30-5:30. ”
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