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Baltimore: passeios turísticos

Local Histórico
“For McHenry is a historic American coastal pentagonal bastion fort located in the locust point neighborhood of Baltimore. It is best known for its role in the war of 1812, when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British navy from the Chesapeake bay on September 13-14, 1814.”
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“Take in the view of the harbor from the top of Federal Hill Park, there is also a playground for kids and SWINGS!”
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“Federal Hill is a picturesque area dating from the 18th century with a lively nightlife scene around its pubs, live music venues and pizza and burger spots.”
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History Museum
“Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most influential American writers of the 19th century. He is famous for writing science fiction and short stories of mystery.”
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Local Histórico
“This is a small museum worth considering if you are interested in sports history and, of course, baseball.”
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“This National Historic Landmark and National Shrine was the first Roman Catholic cathedral built (1806-1821) in the U.S.”
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Tourist Information Center
“This national park is free and open to the public, although you have to pay to enter the fort itself. But take the 15-minute stroll around the fort and enjoy the beautiful park and views of Baltimore's inner and outer harbors. If you're lucky you may see a huge cargo ship passing by!”
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Espaço para eventos
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Monumento / ponto turístico
Monumento / ponto turístico