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    Minneapolis, Minnesota, EUA

    When deciding whether to become an Airbnb host, it is important for you to understand the laws in your city. As a platform and marketplace we do not provide legal advice, but we want to give you some useful links that may help you better understand laws and regulations in Minneapolis. This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good start in understanding your local laws. If you have questions, contact the City’s Short-Term Rental Office at 612-673-3000 or

    Short-term rental regulations

    The City of Minneapolis allows short-term rentals to operate with a registration or rental license, which is dependent on the type of short-term rental. In Minneapolis, there are different short-term listing types that each have unique requirements. Listing types are:

    • Renting a homesteaded unit or condo
    • Renting non-homesteaded units in a building with less than 20 units
    • Renting non-homesteaded units in a building with 20 or more units.

    Each of the listing types above have unique requirements for short-term rentals. Get more info on the short-term rental ordinance requirements.

    To continue hosting, complete the short-term rental packet.

    Permit/registration requirements

    Hosts are required to display their short-term rental permit or registration number on any listing advertisement.

    Add your number to continue hosting short-term stays in Minneapolis.

    As part of the application process, all hosts must submit local contact person information, a certificate of occupancy, a signed statement affirming compliance with all applicable laws, and associated fees.

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