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    Por que alguns preços são riscados?

    We cross out prices to show that the host is offering a deal. A price will only be crossed out if it’s a true discount—it has to be at least 10% lower than usual.

    Types of discounts

    These are some of the types of discounts that can result in a crossed out price:

    • Weekly or monthly discount: Hosts can offer a discount off of the nightly price for stays that are at least 7 days long.
    • Early bird discount: Hosts can offer a discount off the nightly price when guests book a certain amount of time before their trip. For example, a host might set a 15% discount for stays booked at least 2 months in advance.
    • Price drop: Hosts lower their price for specific dates that they choose.

    How we calculate true discounts for price drops

    We track hosts’ prices as they change over time, so we can understand what their typical price is for different dates. When you search for a date, we calculate the median price for that specific date over the last 30 days to determine what’s typical.

    In other words, we line up all of the prices from lowest to highest, and the price that falls in the middle is considered the typical price for that date. If the host offers at least 10% off the typical price for your current search, then their typical price will be crossed out.

    How it works

    Let’s say you search for a night in June and over the last 30 days, the host has set 4 different prices for the night you are looking for. At the time of your search, we would calculate the typical price for this night over the previous 30 days. To do this, we would add the middle 2 prices together, then divide them by 2 to get the median price.

    Price 1: $90
    Price 2: $100
    Price 3: $125

    Price 4: $140

    Median price: ($100 + $125) / 2 = $112.50

    Then, we compare the median price over the last 30 days to the current price of the night you searched. If the current price is at least 10% less than the median ($112.50), we would show a crossed out price.

    Ex: $112.50 $100

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